SATO / CL408e
The new "e" Series of CL printers brings the latest in technology to the world of Thermal Label Printing. The CL"e" Series printers offer high speed data transmission, unparalleled processing speed and large amounts of on-board memory to quickly and easily manage any label printing requirement.The CL "e" Series printers set new benchmarks in label throughput. A new generation RISC processor provides high performance in label production even when printing directly from standard Windows.



SATO / CL408e/CL412e
검증된 디자인과 성능
다양한 옵션 가능(RFID-HF, LAN, Cutter, Rewinder)
높은처리량, 사용이편리함
유지보수의 편리성
인쇄방식 : 열전사,감열
인쇄속도 : 50~150mm/s
해상도 : 203dpi(CL408e)
해상도 : 305dpi(CL412e)
인쇄영역 : 1249 X 104mm(CL408e)
인쇄영역 : 835 X 104mm(CL412e)
프로세서 : 32bit RISC
크기 : 321(H) X 430(D) X 271(W)
무게 : 13Kg

SATO CL408e head , 사토 프린터

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